Lifeline DVD

Lifeline DVD, LLC, was created by Stephen Leek and Dianna Shpritz to honor those individuals whose lives have touched many and continue to carry and create a legacy.

This is truly a gift that not many individuals have the capacity to realize. It is with great respect and honor that we are able to produce life story documentaries that can be shared with your family and contemporaries.

Both Stephen and Dianna are published authors and photographers. They share an innate enthusiasm in bringing your legacy into a personal and professional production.

Stephen is an accomplished freelance photographer with over 30 years experience. He produces mult-media shows for corporations; he works with numerous local charitable organizations and continues to photograph people candidly.

Dianna is a photographer who has a working knowledge of Palm Beach County history. She continues to unearth treasures be it people, places, or things.

Dianna’s experience researching house histories and family genealogy, along with 20 years of marketing, is a well balanced match with Stephen.

They combine their talents of research, audio, interview, video, editing, and present a Lifeline DVD that is your legacy.

Please contact Stephen Leek or Dianna Shpritz at:

Stephen Cell: 561.676.9134
Dianna Cell: 609.338.3889

Lifeline DVD, LLC
5200 North Flagler Drive Suite 202
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407